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Our mission is to meet the needs of children and families in our community by providing a child-focused center that facilitates a compassionate, multidisciplinary approach to the prevention, identification, investigation, and treatment of child abuse, while minimizing further trauma to the child victim and non-offending family members.

Child Advocacy Centers (CACs) – like the Jackson County Child Advocacy Center (JCCAC) –  were born from the belief that we could do more to help a child if everyone involved in child maltreatment investigations worked together.

Rather than a child and their family bouncing around a fragmented system, when Law Enforcement or Child Protective Services have concern about child maltreatment—often child sexual abuse—the JCCAC coordinates investigators to come together at the JCCAC to listen to the child. All the investigators hear the story at the same time while a trained interviewer who specializes in talking to children about allegations of abuse speaks with the child. It sounds simple, but this commitment to work together has revolutionized the way sexual abuse allegations are investigated.

For a child who may have been a victim of abuse, however, the story doesn’t end with the investigation. The effects of abuse can linger. For that reason, CACs ensure that a child has access to on-going support, advocacy, and therapy. The goal is to help the child heal, so they can get back to being a kid.

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The JCCAC supports suspected child victims of sexual abuse under age 18, as well as cases involving severe physical abuse and witnesses to violence. We work with non-offending caregivers to support the caregiver and child in their needs related to the abuse. We work in collaboration with all eight of Jackson County’s Law Enforcement departments, the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Child Protective Services, Henry Ford Allegiance Health’s Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program and Michigan Medicine’s Child Protection Team. The CAC’s team of Intake Coordinator, Forensic Interviewer, Victim Advocates and Therapists all work with these community partners to fulfill our mission. 

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The JCCAC receives grants for much of the work they do, but donations to help offset additional costs involved with programming and operations are always appreciated. You can choose JCCAC on the Fund menu of our donation form here.

Volunteers opportunities at the JCCAC vary. Find out more about volunteering by calling 517.768.1907.

Meet Shayne

Say hello to Shayne! Shaye joined the JCCAC staff in 2020. He supports and comforts children at the JCCAC as they participate in the forensic interview. Shayne brings smiles and joy not only to the children who may have experienced abuse but also their caregivers, the JCCAC staff and our multidisciplinary team.

Jackson County Child Advocacy Center

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